Sony | VTC6 Battery - 18650 - 3120mAh - 30-A

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This is an great underrated cell that I am rating at 19A/3000mAh. The datasheet lists the max continuous current at 30A but that's only if you stop the discharge when the cell reaches 80°C, way before a continuous discharge has finished. The true continuous current rating from Sony is 15A. But at that current level the temperature is 72°C, about 6°C-9°C cooler than other batteries at their rating. This is why I feel it is underrated, like the Samsung 30Q, and why I have given it a 19A rating. It runs at a slightly higher voltage than both the 30Q and HG2 though.

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€ 12,95

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3120 mAh

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€ 12,95

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